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App Cloud Education

Cloud for Education

In the current tight funding situations of the educational system, Cloud for Education is a low-cost option to receive high-end computing. It provides an easy way to collaborate from every angle of the school system, and can truly boost learning. Budgets are low and the need for the latest technology is high! RapidScale can provide a solution that addresses both of these challenges, and that's cloud computing for education.

RapidScale's Cloud for Education offers advanced computing power in the Cloud.

Cloud Education Applications

Cloud education applications allow educational institutions to save money while their students learn more. These tools present new ways to learn and allow this to happen outside of a traditional classroom setting. Cloud applications help save time and organize ideas, also offering an accessible, central network for teachers and students to save files.

We know education budgets are tight - but the need to keep up with current technology is great. Cloud computing offers a way to maintain balance. It accommodates pricing and technological needs by eliminating the need to constantly replace infrastructure and software. These things are instead accessed virtually through the cloud, eliminating costs of maintenance, management, upgrades and more. Additionally, when software comes out with new updates, an educational institution can receive them automatically, without having to re-purchase licensing. 

Costs for students can also decrease, as many textbooks are now available online. This lessens their load physically and monetarily, but also accommodates the varying devices students use today and the diverse locations they're doing work in.

Yes, often mobile devices are using for gaming or browsing the Web, but they can also prove to be powerful machines that can work in conjunction with educational tools. Cloud education applications can increase flexibility, giving both teachers and students the opportunity to work however and wherever they choose. Both parties have hectic schedules aside from school, and this cloud benefit accommodates those schedules. Educational applications and files can be available wherever, whenever, and from whatever device.

Getting started with RapidScale's cloud education applications is easy. We offer a wide range of apps, and you simply choose which ones fit you best. Not sure? Our team can help. You might not even know just how many options are available to you! Let the RapidScale team walk you through educational solutions that will make life easier for everyone involved. We have plenty of apps available to fill your needs. RapidScale offers the best apps for education, making them available even to institutions with low budgets. Contact us today to learn more, or to receive a quote for your cloud needs!

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